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This roleplay journal of Asuka Langley Soryu was played by Nerd-o-rama at Super Robot Wars: Unlimited Generation (srw_unlimited). That game has finished, and this journal is temporarily retired.

Except from Dressing Rooms and dear_mun, of course.


[Asuka signs on and...sighs.]

Well, now that the GDF is going, too, they've finally decided what they're going to do with us and the Evas. We get all that pilot pay that was going into a trust fund, which is good, but the remaining Evas...Unit 02...

[Deep breath]

Mama and Dr. Ikari decided to go along with the UES's idea of using the Evas as unmanned space probes. I'm not totally sure how they're communicating this, but I support Mama's principle of not letting an Ikari go out there without someone to keep an eye on them. Anyway, the point is, no more Evas. I almost feel like I turned 18 and my parents are shoving me out the door, really...

It's okay though! I'm going back to college anyway, so don't get worried or anything. I've done my part protecting Earth the last three years, now I'm gonna go get a doctorate in physics so I can understand what the hell happened, exactly. This place is still so god damn unscientific...

I'm applying to Tokyo University. Not because I want to stick around this country or anything, but applications already closed in every normal university system, and like hell I'm staying in high school when no one's ordered me to.

Anyway, I'm just giving everyone an update that I'm going to be staying around the city for a while so you don't expect any maudlin "sayonaras" or "auf wiedersehens". I'll leave that to my so-called coworkers. All I've got to say is, well...

straight glare, glare

Neue Fünfte

[Asuka is out Christmas shopping in Tokyo! In her arms are a number of mostly small-ish packages. You can assume from the fact that she didn't drag someone from base along to carry them that this is, in fact, a trip for her coworkers.]

[Currently, though, she's stopped in front of a toy store, staring - well, glaring rather intensely - at a doll on display there.]

[She's been standing here a while.]

...stupid Helleowhatever aliens.

Neue Vierte

[Asuka's been feeling restless lately. Her birthday'd just passed - as usual - without any comment from her. For all that she likes being the center of attention, and the fact that she's rapidly approaching the age of majority even in countries less ridiculous than Japan, she could never quite bring herself to brag about a process as involuntary as aging. Plus she was 17 and still just barely 5'6" and a B-cup, and she was really starting to get pissed off about that.]

[Nonetheless, boredom and seasonal habit have her in the mood to celebrate something.]


Hey guys. If we planned something for Christmas this year, what do you think are the odds of it getting interrupted by something stupid again?

Neue Dreite

[After A Perfect Plan]

That was the best field-trip ever! I got to beat the crap out of some terrorists.

Kinda wish I'd taken that gun, though, my knuckles are all least I remembered to wear shorts under my uniform, beating them with just my fists would've been kinda tricky.

So where was the GDF during all that, anyway? And the student council that spent all that time talking big about "being prepared"?
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Neue Zweite

[Asuka's on the phone yet again, walking across campus holding a briefcase]

Yes, I'm on my way to my defense right now. No, mama, it's not the most ambitious paper ever, but I'm still working on my first Ph. D. here. I'm sure I'll be doing better than you by the time I'm your age. ...That was a joke, mama, you're lovely.

[Suddenly, and for the first time in days, Asuka looks up. Hears the cicadas chirping, feels the cool breeze, sees the blue sky...and two green streaks flying through the air.]

[She ditches the suitcase, papers on fusion and solid energy fields flying out of it and blowing away in the wind.]

You know what? I've had a change of plans.

[The fashionable phone in her hand is, rather suddenly, a core drill, which she brings down and looks at.]

I'll be with you in a minute, mama. And the rest of those idiots. Can't let them go dying without my help.

Auf wiedersehen.
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Komplexe Zahl

[In the Multiverse Labyrinth, Asuka's mind takes its own path, placing her in an unnamed university where she's doing graduate studies in physics. Currently, she's on the phone while she's taking a break in the graduate union.]

Yes, mama, I'm eating right. Honestly, what kind of a question is that? I know I'm not going to get to be a brilliant scientist like you and dad eating cup ramen. I'm not going to have time to if I stop and learn how to be a gourmet chef either. I've got it taken care of...

...w-well yes, there's someone who...yes, it's her s--look, we're just friends, mam--h-hey, I'm in public here, don't make me blush...

[This nagging yet heartfelt and, to the hardheaded go-getter student, relaxing conversation continues for a while, Asuka smiling the whole time.]

Okay, I need to get back to work. Love you too, mama. Tschüs!

[With a beep, Asuka hangs up, and goes back to editing her current paper on her laptop. Now would be a perfect time for someone to distract her.]
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Neue Erste

[Well, after that mission, Asuka's naturally in the infimary. She looks happier than she's been in months as she reclines on the bed and records a message, though.]

Well, as far as saving the world goes, I think we can give ourselves a 10/10 that time. Even if you guys were dumb enough to help people try to kill us for a second there.

I haven't got a clue what's going to happen to NERV, by the way. Especially since we uh...kind of killed the Commander. If nobody minds, I think I'd like to sign up here if NERV's still out of business. Only if I keep my rank, of course~

[She gives a satisfied sigh.]

My eye'll take a week to fix, my Eva 02's worse off than I am, and for the second time, I've lost an axe that can cut planets in half. Still, I think I learned a lot from that mission. That I'm loved, that I can be my own person without falling into an empty loop of self-reassurance, and that the Lance of Longinus is not only mass-produceable, but can penetrate any kind of shielding.

The one in the hangar now is mine, by the way. Hands off.

[For a brief moment, she seriouses up some.]

Oh, right, what I got on here to say:

I have been acting completely pants-on-head retarded for the last several months. I needed to, but that's no excuse to the people I hurt while doing it, so...



I'm sorry. If I'm talking to you, you know who you are.

And that's all I'm saying on the subject.


[Asuka's finally made her way back to the GDF base! Albeit in a holding cell for finally pissing off her security detail by assaulting Rei. At least she's avoided the incarnate human rights violation that is a NERV holding cell for now.

She doesn't look much better though, still sullenly staring at a wall and not responding to much of anything. Come say hi anyway?]


[Asuka is...wandering. For the past while, she's been living, surprisingly effectively for a girl of her attitudes, on the street, rather than returning to the GDF or anyone else. Her original idea was to just find some abandoned house or something to live in for a while until she figured things out, but unfortunately, despite the constant invasions and monster attacks, Tokyo was still thriving and full of people.]

Freaking GGG.

[Regardless, at some point, Asuka did find a place. She laughs when she sees it - an out-of-place, falling-apart old karate dojo of all things, choked with weeds and trees. A sign above the door reads "Nagare".]

It figures. Guy saves the world, and they just leave his stuff here to rot.

[Wandering inside...]

Ugh. Literally. Asshole should have cleaned out his fridge...

...there's no one else here. I wonder why.

[Asuka just...sits and stares at the wall for a few hours.]

Well, if no one else is using it, I guess...

[Over the next week or two, anyone wandering by may notice the forgotten little building getting cleaned up a little. Or at least some personal space cleared out from inside as Asuka fixes herself a hole to hide in for a little while. If someone happens to wander by, they can perhaps see a somewhat dirty redhead cleaning out the smellier garbage, picking the place up, and generally being a more productive housekeeper than she's ever even considered being, despite the place continuing to look like an abandoned pile of crap.]